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Collection of larger projects from my free time, refer to my Github for the complete list.

  • Parrot Manager project thumbnail Parrot Manager

    A cross-platform modern password manager, with the ability to synchronize a password database over SSH and make automatic backups.

  • Project Sandbox project thumbnail Project Sandbox

    A 2D WebGL multi-player game, using websockets, with: basic AI, inventories, large open worlds, tile worlds, player-persistence, map-editor and more.

  • project thumbnail

    This website is entirely static, written in HTML and Markdown, using Jekyll.

  • Build TV project thumbnail Build TV

    A build TV project, which allows a Raspberry Pi to serve as an information radiator for a development environment.

  • PALS - Programming Assessment and Learning System project thumbnail PALS - Programming Assessment and Learning System

    A platform for automated and distributed marking of programming assessments, completed as an undergraduate project.

  • Binary Clock project thumbnail Binary Clock

    Version two of my binary clock electronics project, using a Raspberry Pi. Written in C++ with a threaded web server for front-end configuration.

  • Portable Postgres project thumbnail Portable Postgres

    A Windows application allowing for creating and managing a portable Postgres (PostgreSQL) database server, for development.